French Beans and Snow Peas Value Chain Fact SheetThe climatic condition of Kenya favors the production of a variety of vegetable products.2022/08/04Download
Herbs & Spices Value Chain Fact Sheet The spices and herbs with global demand include the following: Pepper, Parsley, Paprika, Marjoram, Capsicum …2022/08/04Download
Chilies Value Chain Fact Sheet Chili/hot pepper is increasingly becoming one of the hottest crops for farmers and a household …2022/08/04Download
Mango Fact Sheet Kenya has an abundant supply of mangoes and is the largest producer in the East …2022/08/04Download
Passion Fruit Value ChainPurple passion is an important commercial fruit in Kenya grown for both the export and …2022/08/04Download
Macadamia Nut Value ChainMacadamia is considered the world’s finest dessert nut because of its delicate taste and numerous …2022/08/04Download
Vegetables (French beans and snow peas) reportVegetables (French beans and Snow peas) sub-sector AS IS value chain analysis2022/08/01Download
Nuts (macademia and groudnuts) reportNuts (Macadamia and groundnuts) sub-sector AS IS value chain analysis2022/08/01Download
Herbs spices (chillies and herbs) reportHerbs and spices (Chillies and herbs) sub sector AS IS value chain analysis2022/08/01Download
Fruits (passion fruits and mangoes) reportPassion fruit and mango AS-IS value chain analysis2022/08/01Download