Procedural Manual for Production of Mango Clean Planting MaterialProduction Manual on Propagation and Commercialization of Clean Mango Planting Material by Grace WataniDownload
French Beans and Snow Peas Value Chain Fact SheetThe climatic condition of Kenya favors the production of a variety of vegetable products.Download
Herbs & Spices Value Chain Fact Sheet The spices and herbs with global demand include the following: Pepper, Parsley, Paprika, Marjoram, Capsicum …Download
Chilies Value Chain Fact Sheet Chili/hot pepper is increasingly becoming one of the hottest crops for farmers and a household …Download
Mango Value Chain Fact Sheet Kenya has an abundant supply of mangoes and is the largest producer in the East …Download
Passion Fruit Value Chain Fact SheetPurple passion is an important commercial fruit in Kenya grown for both the export and …Download
Macadamia Nut Value ChainMacadamia is considered the world’s finest dessert nut because of its delicate taste and numerous …Download
Vegetables (French beans and snow peas) reportVegetables (French beans and Snow peas) sub-sector AS IS value chain analysisDownload
Nuts (macademia and groudnuts) reportNuts (Macadamia and groundnuts) sub-sector AS IS value chain analysisDownload
Herbs spices (chillies and herbs) reportHerbs and spices (Chillies and herbs) sub sector AS IS value chain analysisDownload
Fruits (passion fruits and mangoes) reportPassion fruit and mango AS-IS value chain analysisDownload